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What are the Parking Lot Procedures?

We have one pick-up lane. Please wait while traffic moves forward.  If you are at the front of the line or in line for pick up or drop off, PLEASE PULL FORWARD.  Cars should pull forward to the beginning of the driveway into the cafeteria drop off area (end of the fence on the right).  The second lane is for drive-through only. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED IN EITHER OF THESE LANES. If you prefer to pick up your child personally, please park in the lot and walk up using one of the crosswalks in our parking lot.
When picking up children in the back of the school, wait in the pick up line.  Pull all the way forward as traffic allows.  Please do not block the bus lane.

What do I do if I need to check my child out early?

At Luther Elementary School, every minute counts! Each school day ends at 2:40p.m.. If your child has a medical appointment of illness, please sign your child out in the office.  Thank you in advance,for adhering to the release time and allowing your child to stay for the full day when possible.

What do I do if my child is absent?

If your child is absent from school, please notify the school by calling the school before 9:00am. When leaving a message on our voice mail, please state your child's name, room number or teacher's name, and the reason for the absence. If your child arrives to school after 8:28am, he/she must check in with the office.
Can I visit my child's classroom?

We encourage all of our parents to visit their child's classroom.  ALL visitors must report to the front office, sign in, and receive a Visitor's Pass before going on campus or visiting classes.

Please refer to the student handbook if you have questions that are not addressed above.  You are also welcome to call the school.