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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is an interactive computer based program designed to motivate students to read.  At the beginning of each trimester, teachers administer the STAR Reading test (designed to be used in conjunction with AR).  This computerized test assesses the reading ability of our students and generates a reading range and a reading goal.  Students check out books that fall within their reading range.   They are encouraged to take quizzes on the books they complete.  Each student receiving 70% or higher on their quiz earns points towards their reading goal.  Students achieving their reading goal are honored at the school wide flag salute at the end of each trimester.
For more information about the Accelerated Reader Program click on the link below:
           Accelerated Reader Program (English)                      Accelerated Reader Program (Spanish)
To check to see if a quiz is available for a specific title click here:      AR BookFinder
For additional information on how to use AR BookFinder click on the link below:
           AR BookFinder (English)                                          AR BookFinder (Spanish)
For additional information about the STAR Reading Assessment Program, click on the link below:
           STAR Reading Assessment (English)                       STAR Reading Assessment (Spanish)